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Often the problem with 3rd party systems is that they don't integrate with your MIS as well as they should. We've spent a lot of time on this problem and have continued to improve upon the way we work with a wide variety of MIS systems.

We work with our integration partner Wonde, to help us to regularly update our data when changes are made in your MIS. This generally happens overnight when your systems are quiet for the more complicated data, but we can update some data as often as every hour.

If you use SIMS, we also have the option of our MIS writeback feature. This allows epraise to not only read data from SIMS, but also write back points (which SIMS calls achievements) and demerits (which SIMS calls behaviour), so that you can then put that data into things like school reports, or see that information in other 3rd party software. You can also take attendance registers in epraise if you have this feature, so that teachers no longer need to open up SIMS in a lesson.

Computer showing epraise dashboard

What data can we receive?

The data we receive can vary a little bit between different MIS systems because they are so different. We're constantly improving the data available through our integration partners, but this table should give you an idea of what data we should be able to read. If you use a different MIS to those listed or would like some data that doesn't appear to be available, do get in touch as our integration partners may well be able to help.

MIS Students Staff Parents Photos Attendance Classes Timetables Behaviour Assessment
Arbor -
Bromcom -
Ed:Gen - -
Engage - -
Facility CMIS - -
Integris -
iSAMS - -
Progresso/Cloud School -
Pupil Asset - - -
ScholarPack - - - -
SchoolBase - - - -
SchoolPod - - - -
TeacherCenter - - - -
WCBS / PASS / 3Sys - -
Veracross -

= Good support, = Some support, = In development

In addition to the above, we support the majority of SIS/MIS' from Australia (including FACTS, TASS, Synergetic, Sentral, and Xuno) New Zealand (including Kamar and LINC Tech/Hero), South Africa (including Ed-Admin, ADAM and Edupac) and The Republic of Ireland (including VSWare and Aladdin). We're always looking to improve our integrations, so please let us know if you'd like to see something added. Even if we don't support automatic syncing with your MIS yet, we do support the uploading of student, teacher, parent and class data via simple CSV file - feel free to contact us for more details.

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