Our online extra-curricular activities system

Great schools foster a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom. Extra-curricular activities are a fantastic way to engage students, promoting life skills that go above and beyond academic success.

Sports clubs are an excellent example, but there are plenty more clubs and activities that go on in schools. Whether it's the weekly football club, robotics club, book club or even one-off activities such as helping out at the summer play or the annual portrait competition, our activities feature is the perfect tool.

We've been supporting schools with their extra-curricular activity management for nearly a decade and have a reputation for making it easy. We'd love to show you what we do.

Computer with activities visuals

Activities made easy

Settings cog


Supports weekly, fortnightly and one-off activities

Tick symbol


Ensure you know who is taking part



Keep track of fixtures and events

Paper clip


Attach teamsheets with notes to fixtures

Plus symbol


Allow signups from parents, students or both



Share activity details with all students and parents

Text bubble


Share updates to activity members using Messenger

Analysis graph


Understand activity involvement across your school

What does it look like?

We don't want to give too much away, but here's a few screenshots to give you an idea. If you'd like to see more, why not book a demo?

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